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Rifle Barrel Tuning

The SmartStock tm 

Rifle Barrel Tuner

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  Stock mounted, adjustable rifle barrel harmonic vibration tuning system.

Your chance to beat that bragging buddy of yours.


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Don't miss that trophy buck across the canyon this year!

The SmartStock tm  (Stock Mounted Adjustable Rifle Tuner) is an integration of the patented adjustable rifle barrel harmonic tuning system formerly known as the Accurizer,  into either a new Bell and Carlson stock or into  your present compatible* rifle stock.  Cut your groups in half!

Using this rifle barrel tuner in various makes and calibers of hunting, tactical, and varmint rifles we have obtained consistent 100 yard 3 shot groups measuring one half to one quarter inch or less.  This allows you to achieve equal to, or better than average custom rifle accuracy  without spending perhaps thousands of dollars for a custom hunting, varmint or sniper rifle.

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Simply install your rifle action in the SmartStock tm , adjust for your rifle barrel's taper as outlined in the instruction manual, tune your rifle barrel for the smallest group, then adjust your scope for the desired point of impact.                             

  It's that simple!!


 SmartStock Accuracy System Installation  $169.95*

SmartStock Accuracy System Kit  $99.95**


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Some examples of different rifle stocks that were modified to include the SmartStock rifle barrel tuner system are: A standard Ruger Model 77 MK II in the .243 caliber and 100 Gr. bullets, we have shot 4 three shot groups that averaged 0.179" with the smallest group being 0.118".  Before tuning the rifle shot an average of 1.38" groups.  An Interarms Mark X Mauser in 30-06 caliber, we have obtained a 0.240" group using Hornady Custom 168 Grain Match ammunition and a .283" group using 180 grain Speer Boat Tail maximum velocity reloads. The rifle averaged 1.57" prior to being tuned.  Our Remington 700 VS and PSS rifles Average under 0.5 MOA 5 shot groups when tuned for Factory Match Ammunition, with most 3 shot groups under 0.3 MOA. 


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Rifle manufacturers as well as custom ammunition handloaders have known for years that each rifle barrel has its own harmonic vibration characteristics which affect accuracy.  In order to obtain the best accuracy, this rifle barrel vibration pattern must match the ammunition being used.  With the SmartStock, you can now tune the rifle barrel vibration characteristics to its "sweet spot" to match your choice of ammunition for superior rifle accuracy. 

This is done without disassembly of the rifle by a simple adjustment of the rifle barrel tuner. When adjusted it incrementally moves a concaved delrin block pressure point longitudinally along the bottom axis of the rifle barrel.  This tunes the rifle barrel much like a musician would tune a guitar string to obtain a perfect pitch. The rifle barrel tuner adjustment automatically locks into place with each half turn, allowing precise control of the point in the harmonic arc of of the barrel to cause bullet to exit the muzzle at the same vibrational  null point each time.  The rifle barrel tuner accuracy assembly is mounted out of sight in the forearm of your rifle stock.

Remember the targets we have shown are standard factory rifles, with the only change being the installation and tuning of the rifle barrel accurizing system!!  

The SmartStock Rifle Barrel Tuner comes with an Operation Manual that has complete easy to follow tuning instructions. 

Why put up with mediocre accuracy from your rifle any longer when you can now have better accuracy than the average custom rifle??

Now you can have better accuracy than most custom made hunting rifles that would cost you many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You get the best of both worlds, you can keep your favorite rifle and have the SmartStock Accuracy Tuning System in a top quality Bell and Carlson Medalist tm  replacement rifle stock, or in your present system compatible stock*. Get the extreme accuracy you have always wanted by simply by tuning your rifle's harmonic vibrations.

The integrated rifle barrel harmonic tuning system is so unique that it has been granted a U.S. Patent, and unlike some of the other "accurizing systems", the SmartStock Accuracy System comes with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee**

** Try the SmartStock Accuracy System for a full 30 days.  If you are not completely satisfied with it's ability to tune the accuracy of your rifle, just send it back within 30 days and receive a full refund of the unit purchase price of $100.00.  Installation and shipping charges will not be refunded.

* Note: In order for the SmartStock Accuracy System to be installed in your present stock, it must meet the following requirements.  It must be a one piece stock.  It cannot be made of plastic material or have a plastic tip if a wood stock. It must measure at least 3/4" thick from the bottom of the barrel channel to the bottom of the stock at the forend.  If it is a fiberglass stock, it must not be foam filled in the forend, it has to be solid.  Wood and laminate stocks are ok as long as they meet the forend thickness requirement and do not have a plastic tip. Because the installation of the SmartStock Accuracy System is a modification to the Bell and Carlson stock they will not honor their repair or replacement warranty once it has been installed.

** Note: SmartStock Kit requires a gunsmith or machine shop with overhead milling equipment to properly install. Click here for instructions.




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U.S. Patent #5423145

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