Rifle Stocks Rest and Accuracy

Below are targets shot under mostly calm conditions (occasional wind from the right) to determine the amount of impact point change of the bullet, if any, that would be caused by the type of rest surface that the rifle stock was contacting when shooting at a target with an installed Accurizer.  These are all 3 shot groups at 100 yards.  The target diameters are 4" circles.  They were all shot from a concrete bench using different rests and with the rifle at the same height and angle in relation to the targets.


Group #1 was from a Eagle type front rest commonly used in Benchrest Competition with no shoulder pressure against the rifle stocks butt. (Free Recoil)

Group #2 was using hardwood blocks for a rest with the rifle stocks butt against the shoulder.

Group #3 was with the rifle stocks forend resting on sandbags and the butt against the shoulder.

Group #4 was shot using a bi-pod with the butt of the rifle stock against the shoulder.

It should be obvious even to the casual observer that as long as the rifle is kept at the same angle and height in relationship to the target that the impact point of the bullet does not significantly change due to the density of the surface or type of rest that the rifle stocks forend is resting on as some have led us to believe.


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