10-22 Rifle Stock Accuracy Upgrade   Upgrading &

 Tuning Your

   Ruger 10/22


               by Mike Schoby


I have always been intrigued with accurate .22's. From smallbore competition to informal plinking, the accuracy of a quality .22 is amazing. While all of my smallbore competition and silhouette rifles are match grade bolt guns, the last several years have brought noteworthy advances in accuracy from semi-automatics; namely the 10/22. While I don't think you will see any Ruger 10/ 22's winning the Olympics. Accurized 10/22s are ideal for informal matches and for the smallbore hunter who wants a reliable "game getter." With this in mind, I began experimenting with 10/22's to see what kind of accuracy could be obtained with aftermarket products and a little tinkering. I started with a Ruger 10/22 standard model. Before any testing, I disassembled the trigger group and replaced all of the springs with Wolff springs. I then did a complete trigger job, stoning the hammer and sear... reducing their respective engagement surfaces and polishing them. I replaced the pins with stainless center ground match pins and shimmed the trigger to create a more consistent shot to shot let off. Lastly , I drilled and tapped the trigger to correct for over travel. With this work completed, the trigger now broke at a clean 2.5 pounds. This is down from the 8+ pound factory setting. Outline of the Test I tested three different 10/22 configurations to determine which one would produce the best results. The dollars spent on each configuration will be noted on a separate exhibit. The same action, trigger assembly, and scope was used throughout the test to reduce variables. The test included five different brands of ammunition Call brands from the same lot). Ten 5-shot groups would be shot from each configuration at 50 yards. Since weather variables can be more pronounced with.22's, groups were shot only on fairly calm days                   Configuration 1

This first configuration is simply the standard by with which to judge the modifications. As stated previously, the test gun is a standard Ruger10/22 with a trigger job. When choosing a scope for the project, I decided on a scope of superb quality and high magnification, to once again limit as many variables as possible. I chose the Nightforce 8-32x. While this scope may be seen as overkill, I wanted to test the potential of the rifle and a scope of this magnification. The Nightforce model worked magnificently throughout the testing, demonstrating excellent optics and very precise internal adjustments that were accurate and repeatable.


Configuration 2 is essentially the same rifle, with the addition of a Harmonic Vibration Tuner by Aftermarket innovations. The Tuner is simply a harmonics turning device. Fitting inconspicuously into an inletted forearm this 1/2"x1/2"x 4" aluminum assembly contains a Delrin block that slides along the bottom of the barrel allowing the operator to precisely adjust the position of the Delrin block; essentially changing the harmonics of the barrel. Unlike the Browning Boss, which lists predetermined sweet spots for chosen ammunition, the Tuning system works by trial and error. At first I was a bit skeptical about this product, but I was intrigued by the idea. In an earlier experiment with light barreled .22' s, I found they showed a definite response to pressure and location on the length of the barrel. Installing the Tuner is quite easy for anyone with any inletting or bedding experience. The product comes installed in the right position in the forend of the stock, i.e., parallel with the barrel and ensuring proper contact. The Tuner unit does not change the amount of pressure applied to the barrel, but rather the location of that pressure along the axis of the barrel. 

 Costs Associated with Ruger 10/22 Upgrade 

 Configuration 1  

Base price of 10/22 rifle                            $170
Trigger job {parts & labor)                        $ 85
                        Total                                 $225

 Configuration 2 

Total from Configuration 1                         $225
Tuner and Installation                                 $170
                         Total                                 $395   

Configuration 3 

Total from Configuration 1                          $225 
Butler Creek barrel                                     $100
Fajen thumbhole stock                                $175
Volquartzon mount {includes installation)     $  50
Brownell Bedding kit                                   $  15
                          Total                                 $595




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