Vertical Spread Targets

These are scanned images of the actual targets shot by me in a hunter competition with a Rem. 700 VS in .308 Win. caliber. The ammunition used was Federal Gold Medal Match 168 grain. The rifle was stock factory, with the only modification made to it the installation and tuning of the Accurizer system. They show both the effects of recoil and any velocity variation on vertical spread. The first target was shot at 100 yards and the second at 300 yards. My inability to properly read the wind, is the reason for the large horizontal spread of the groups (this is the first time I had shot in benchrest competition). These should dispel any myths about the detrimental effects of accuracy caused by rifle recoil prior to the bullet leaving the barrel. The vertical spread of the 100 yard 5 shot group is 0.064" (0.064 MOA) and the vertical spread of the 300 yard 5 shot group was 0.509" (0.169 MOA). As I said "Any vertical spread in a group caused by rifle recoil, prior to the bullet leaving the barrel, is insignificant. Vertical spread can be caused by: mirage, inconsistent sighting, improperly tuned barrel harmonics or load, and extreme velocity variations, especially noticeable over long distances.  See video below.


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