by Mike Schoby

.due to lack of time however, in talking with Brian Nasset, a representative of Aftermarket Innovations, I learned that once a sweet sot has been found, continuing to work around that spot in smaller on click increments can produce some dramatic results.  Since I was working with a factory Ruger barrel and the previously mentioned time constraints, I was very pleased with the accuracy results I obtained. After the installation of the unit and a little work at the range, I was able to cut the factory groups roughly in half.  

Configuration 3 

In configuration three, I attempted to profuce the most accurate 10/22 I could.. while remaining within my budget.

 To begin with, I ordered a thumbhole laminated stock from Fajen that was pre-inletted to fit a .920" barrel. I feel that the rigidity of the laminated stock would provide me with the solid shooting platform.  I then fitted a Butler Creek bull barrel to the action.  I have always viewed this as the achilles heel of the 10/22's, while the easily changeable barrels make for a great upgrade project; slip fit barrels are not the epitome of accurate rifles.  While there are several companies that thread the barreld to the action or use a knurled, press fit procedure, I decided to eliminate the problem using a Volquartzen cantilever scope mount.   By directly attaching the scope to the barrel the slop between the action and the barrel becomes  inconsequential.  The rifle was still not compete until a good bedding

and free-floating job were performed.  This done, I once again headed for the range.  The increase in accuracy was amazing.  With all brands of ammunition tested, the gun shoots great with some of the "upper end" stuf.  The improvement in accuracy was pronounced!

I can't wait to have a tuner installed in the ultra-rigid laminated stock obtained from Fajen.  More to follow!

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